Lunar Stage - LIPIMOON & other team joint concert

Expected ROI 0 months 0%
Supporters 13
Started on 2022-06-08
Finished on 2022-06-30
Support Lunar Stage the event for the idols concert
2,863 KLAY / 4,000 KLAY 71% Supported



Lunar Stage

Lunar Stage is a stage where underground idols in Korea gather and dance and sing. The stage shines like the moon in the night sky and is a joint performance coordinated and led by JUNA, a member of LIPIMOON


LIPIMOON is a 3-member self-produced female idol group. The word stands for
Little pieces of the Moon light, which means an idol who lights people's hearts like the moonlight that gently lights up the night. Debuted on September 11, 2021.

Total funding amount

-  4000 klay for leasing venue 

Funding Period

-  8 June 2022 – 30 June 2022