Making DJ MIU's NFTs

Expected ROI 3 months 15%
Supporters 11
Started on 2022-06-30
Finished on 2022-07-30
- The project will mint 100 of DJ MIU's NFTs.
- Fans can use these images as a Profile Images for SNS profile.
2,658 KLAY / 3,000 KLAY 88% Supported



DJ Miu, one of Instagram’s hottest DJ icon, is publishing her own NFTs.

Total of 100 NFTs will be minted and they will be sold on Opensea. The price is 50 USD per piece. All NFTs will have slightly different features such as color, background, etc. It is possible to purchase more than one NFT.

By funding this project, you will be supporting her project.

 The total sales of the project is 5,000 USD, which means that DJ Miu is not planning on making profit out of this project, nor are we.

We just want to celebrate her successful activities in Fantrie and have fun with the fans. 

We are now contacting several illustrators. Test illustration will be public soon.

As the project goes on, major milestones will be updated on this page. Please stay tuned. 

Open Sea Sales : 5,000 USD

- Illustration : 3,000 USD

- NFT minting : 2,000 USD

Total : Break-even